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Lundgren & Hauer Special Operatives
by Arjen Pilon

Because nothing says LAW like a super-car with twin-linked autocannons

In their fast, reliable and heavily armed cars Lundgren & Hauer Special Operatives are the kings of the road. And like kings, they are vastly outnumbered.

I wanted some commercial lawmen to oppose my motorised savage force so I created Lundgren & Hauer Special Operatives.

I started by converting the two cars: 1:43 Burago Lamborghini Reventón models. They came in a nice matte black/grey which I didn't want to ruin so I made every effort not to spoil the paintjob.

In the front of the model were two plastic grilles which I removed with pliers. This left two holes in the front of each model. I filled the holes with MagicSculp and pushed in autocannon barrels (made from plastic rod stuck together).

I painted the filled hole black and the gun barrels in dark gunmetal.

Because the vehicles were already painted they were pretty much finished but I also drybrushed some earth on them to make them dirtier. I also touched up some shiny areas with matte black paint.

Of course I needed some tough people to drive the cars, and no model says 'tough cop' like EM4's Cop Hero. I bought four of these to convert.

On the leader, Lundgren, I simply swapped his right arm for an arm from the plastic trooper command set.

Cutting off the right arm is easy: first lay the model face up and cut through the arm at the shoulder. Then carefully cut loose the weapon at the hilt.

On the other models I cut off both arms and the head. To cut off the left arm I first cut off the right arm (so the gun doesn't get in the way), then I lay the model face

down and cut through the arm at the shoulder (the detail on the back gives a nice guide for cutting).

The arm is still attached to the body through the helmet and I found it simplest to just break it off. This leaves a break area which looks more natural than any cut I'd make could accomplish.

To cut off the head I lay the model face up and cut on either side of the face along with the collar. Then I lay the model face down and cut down the neck along with the collar again (I wanted to preserve the collar). When I have cut enough on all three sides I just break off the head at the last bit so I don't damage the collar.

I gave all three models heads and arms from the plastic troopers, except one which got metal arms from the plastic trooper command set.

The heads were cut to fit the collar and where it didn't work out (two of the three models) I repaired the damage with MagicSculp.

On the plastic trooper arms I cut down the autopistol to a handgun of more conventional size.

I undercoated the lot black and drybrushed them with grey. I then picked out the helmet, gloves, kneepads and belt in white. I painted the buttons and badges gold because I felt they needed a bit of colour. I then painted the skin, hair and details and gave them a matte varnish.

After the varnish I picked out the gold badges, the visors, the batons and the boots with gloss varnish to make them stand out more.

Now that my models are painted I'm no longer afraid to step out of the cars with my fighters, even though they are outnumbered!