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Knock, knock, ‘Who’s there?’
by René Raap

If you see these guys standing on your doorstep, it’s best to answer their call and open up.

Otherwise they will smash your door to splinters and storm your house with grenade and shield in hand!

EM4 makes a nice set of well-armoured, basic regular troopers. I’m not a big fan of the weapons they have, but I do like the smg that comes with the trooper command set, a lot! So I decided to build a unit of armoured assault troopers armed with submachine guns, just the tool for close-quarter firefights!

Since this will be a regular unit for Combat Zone, I first built a leader and sub-leader. The leader is commanding his men and pointing them where to go (hence the pointing arm…).

The sub-leader is shouting orders and carrying the radio on his back, he will be in charge of communications with higher up while the leader commands the squad. Both are armed with submachine guns.

This left me with three regular troopers to build. I wanted all of them to fit into the squad’s assault theme, so I gave one of them a battering ram to batter down a door (or a piece of a fence as you can see in the picture). This guy will go in first and make sure that the team can force an entry if the residents won’t provide any.

I used the plastic arms with the assault rifle that are on the plastic trooper sprue and cut out the assault rifle. Next I attached a battering ram (easily made for a piece of round sprue and a rectangular piece of plasticard) to his hands with two small pins. I also glued a submachine gun to his belt.

The next trooper is armed with a submachine gun and a flashbang, ready to throw: Both hands come from the metal trooper command set.

No need for any cutting or scratchbuilding here, just glue the parts together and this trooper is ready.

Lastly I built a trooper with a shield. He will be the first to enter under the protection of his shield, with his mates to follow. I gave him a submachine gun in one hand and used an arm from the plastic set for his other arm (it’s the left one from the two arms holding the autopistol). I positioned it downwards and glued the shield to it.

Now this wasn’t going to be the flashiest squad in town. After a black undercoat I drybrushed them with shades of grey.

Lastly I painted the laser pointers on their rifles and sights on their helmets red and the visors on the helmets and shield black and gave all of these a coat of gloss varnish.

There you have it, a nice squad of tough assault troopers ready to go knocking on some doors.

I still have five troopers left and this squad could use some covering fire while approaching the target building, so I guess I’ll build another unit only now armed with assault rifles! So keep an eye on the CZC for further additions!

The fencing you see in the pictures is very easy to build. Just grab some coffee stirrers, plasticard, clay and fine sand.

First cut up each stirrer into three about equal pieces with pliers. Next you line up the pieces of stirrer with their undersides on the same line. Now glue two other stirrers straight across and leave these to dry. Cut out a strip of plasticard with the same length as the fence.

Use small lumps of clay to firmly position the fence on top of the plasticard and then glue the sand to the base. Now it’s only a matter of undercoating and painting (I used black undercoat and dry brushed with brown and khaki paint).