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Building fences for Combat Zone
by Mark Elster

Give me land lots of land.......don't fence me in!

Good fencing keeps the bad guys out and the good stuff in, (depending on your way of thinking).

Urban fencing sections are great for creating courtyard fire zones, blocking off areas of the gaming table as 'no go areas', to go between buildings and at the table edge/road edge.

What you need:

  • Various types of plasti-rod and I, L and H sections.
  • Fine Mesh (soft and easy to work with, you'll find it in art shops and also places like Halfords and other motor factor stores with the filler and sanding materials as it's used as a car repair mesh too.
  • Modelling mitre saw, (for those right angle cuts).
  • Scapel
  • Scissors
  • Pin vise
  • Fuse wire.
  • Jewellery wire
  • Plasti-sheets for the supports

Cut the mesh to the desired size using a pair of sharp scissors, (if you can't cut it using scissors you've got the wrong stuff!).

Work out your sizes, how they fit into your gaming table etc...

For the plasti-rod, I'd vary construction from fence to fence. If you have a long fence section it will need support so have plenty of uprights, even some 45 degree angled pieces look right. Just look at the real world, loads of inspiration.

For the larger fence panels I used square rod, and angled the tops to a 45 degree angle, then added shorter pieces of rod to give the fence that perimeter wire look.

To secure the upright posts to the mesh, take the fuse wire and thread it through the mesh and then taking some long nosed pliers, twist both ends together so the wire coils in tight to the post, then cut or tuck the length in.

To make the fencing even more effective, I threaded jewellery wire through the posts at regular intervals. You can also use modelling barbed wire on the top for added effect.

The doors were pieces of L rod plasti-rod cut to size. Then the section of the mesh where the door is going to be is cut out, the frame and section glued in place.

I used little bits of plasti-rod as hinges and a square of plasti-card as a handle plate with a slice of H section as the handle/lock.

Plasti-card is also used as corner strengtheners and if the fencing is not glued down in place, as 'feet' at the bottom of each post.

Painting is straightforward. Black undercoat followed by dry brushing with browns, greys and gun metal/silver. Then an ink wash to darken down and grub them up, (it is post apoc after all!).

Here's hoping your wide open gaming spaces become fenced off corridors and courtyards of death.