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Converting eM-4 Orcs for Combat Zone
A step by step tutorial
by Richard Bigalowski

Some time ago I bought a big bag of plastic orcs from em4

No idea why, it was just too good of a deal to pass on them.

I knew I would find a use for them eventually and I did find a few - this is one of them

My mutants are escapees from a reasearch facility, where criminals are being experimented on in an effort to create tough, efficient and obedient soldiers.

The physical transformation was a success, the psychological wasn't. With surprising organisational and tactical skills, the mutants feigned obedience for a long time until they suddenly attacked, slaughtered the whole crew of the facility, and disappeared, with all the equipment they could carry.

Now they appear from time to time, causing chaos and destruction, before fleeing to their secret encampment.

This is how I convert an ordinary fantasy em4 orc into a mutant raider:

Plastic Orcs

The spear wielding orc seems to be easiest to convert. I choose to leave the square-ish 25mm base, but it's not hard to trim or replace.

The gun is a rifle from the Space Rangers set: It's cheap and has plenty of leftover weapons.

Of course weapons from different kits can be used or you can sculpt your own.

Note that the regular Space Ranger rifle looks like a heavy weapon in the hands of the orc.

After I got rid of the mould lines I cut off the little bits on the non-visible sides of the Space Ranger gun.

Plastic Orcs

Cut off the orc's arms and remove the hands. I used the Space Ranger hands that are part of the rifle (it's easier and will make him look more sci-fi) I cut the rightPlastic Orcs arm above the elbow, rotate, and super glue it back in place matching the wrist to the hand on the rifle. I super glued the rifle to the chest for a better bond (styrene cement won't work on this plastic).

I rotated the left arm in the same way, but cut it off a bit higher.

Now I fill the gaps with epoxy putty. The right arm is easy, but the left one is a bit off in my case and looks unnatural, so I sculpted a shoulderpad to cover that and a helmet to make him look more like a near future warrior.

They were painted over a black undercoat. I chose a simple black/gunmetal color scheme for my mutants, so they look a bit like a biker gang (and I am in the process of making some bikes for them too)

That's basically it, I hope you enjoyed this little guide and maybe got inspired to convert your own minis for a unique look.

Plastic Orcs