Playing with EVEN MORE Plastic Orcs
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also see 'Playing With Plastic Orcs' and 'Playing with MORE Plastic Orcs'
by Gisby

A 16 figure unit straight from the Fantasy Warrior rules, with Commander, Standard, Musician, and Champion, using all 3 Orc models.

But what about the other Orc Models? Are they totally sucky?

Not totally....

This is the basic figure from the eM-4 website

It doesn't LOOK like much.I chose FPO2 Orc with Spear for my first conversions because his arms were separate from his body, allowing easy variation.

And I was right: please see 'Playing With Plastic Orcs' and 'Playing with MORE Plastic Orcs' for the results.

I was impressed with the quality of the eM-4 Orcs: With a little effort, they made a very impressive horde. I hadn't expected it, because the plastic does an amazing job of hiding their detail.

So I figured I'd give the other Orcs a go...

FPO1 Orc with SwordDidn't inspire me AT ALL: His limbs are welded to his body, and his sword is at an unnatural angle.

The only thing I could do was to replace the sword with a better one, and rotate the hand.

Apparently it was all they needed.....

FPO1 Orc with Sword
Suddenly very determined-looking

FPO1 Orc with SwordThey have suddenly become very determined-looking... A unit of these looks dam' fierce, and with essentially NO effort.

A simple helm with a broad nasal makes theofficer more distinctive.

You could of course give helmets to as many as you want, but I'm trying to do it the easy way.

The Champion was also made from FPO1. Rather than giving him two swords, I used the glaives from two FP02.

Again, he seems very determined.

Base Figure: FPO2 Orc with Spear

Base Figure: FPO1 Orc with Sword

The standard bearer is made from FP02, with a wire banner pole and a paper banner.

The end of the pole was flattened on an anvil and clipped to form a spear point.

Don't bother trying to figure out the runes, I have no idea what I was thinking.

Base Figure: FPO2 Orc with SpearThe musician is yet another FP02, with his shield arm rotated, and a horn added from putty.

The FP01's make a good looking unit on their own, but mixing the figures up from all three sword units provides the most variety.

If I could only choose one type, I think I'd choose the FP01's.

But the FP03's add more variety yet... Page 2

FP03 Orc with Bow, 
(with shield arms from FP02)