Playing with EVEN MORE Plastic Orcs
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by Gisby

A 16 figure unit straight from the Fantasy Warrior rules, with Commander, Standard,  and Musician,  using all 3 Orc models.

The Archers were fun and easy.

FP03 Orc with BowThe Orc Archer had potential. His left arm was separate from his body, and his right arm wasn't badly placed.

I had learned from the others, and knew that the detail was there.

I proceeded to remove bow arms and reposition them: More relaxed, shooting, cheering, I even (gasp) left some as they were.

After all, I was making a unit of archers: I didn't need to replace swords or position shields. And that made it easy. I got a nice variety of poses with little effort.

Base Figure: FPO3 Orc with Bow

Base Figure: FPO1 Orc with Sword

FP02: Skirmisher

I am very pleased with him, as his original pose is almost unrecognizeable.

Both arms are repositioned, and he is twisted at the waist, making him very dynamic. (Hm. The photo isn't showing it. Trust me)

The Leader was made from a FP01 with a bow & bow case added, and a hood.

The Standard Bearer and Musician were made using FP02's with their shield arms replaced with bow arms.

Their shield arms wound up on the archer-to-swordsman converts seen on page 1.

Base Figure: FPO2 Orc with Spear

Of course he could be armed with a sword in a normal unit (or all your Orcs could be tossing javelins).

Base Figure: FPO2 Orc with Spear

FP02: Shaman

In 'Fantasy Warriors' a shaman gives your Orcs a bit of 'punch' so why not?

His arms & legs are removed and repositioned in a festive pose, and he got a tall, pointed Skythian cap.

His streamer is made from paper, and the handle, knife, & whistle are made from wire.

Base Figure: FPO2 Orc with SpearThe glaive Orc has had his arms repositioned with the weapon across his body.

He could be used as a variant of FP02, or a whole unit could be converted.

The second glaive Orc was intended as a champion. (But the first would work too)

Base Figure: FPO2 Orc with SpearI just repositioned his arms and he seemed happy.

With all the variants, my Orc army is growing, and looking good.

With all the limb positioning, body twisting, and limb-swapping, I've barely started to explore the possibilities.

Imagine what I could do if I wasn't so lazy!

The best thing is, 9 individualized 16-Orc units, plus extra command & characters have cost me less than £25!