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9th Road Marshalls
Unus Ex Pluribus
by René Raap

Somebody had to make a stand and bring back justice.

Recently we played a campaign in the wide wilderness of the apocalyptic near future, with thugs, savages and road pirates running rampage across the great plains .

Enter the 9th Road Marshalls: These stalwart wardens of civilization are here to protect and serve, and bring the fight to the bad guys.

As our game is situated on great open plains crossed by interstate highways the marshalls were in need of some transportation.

To fulfill this need, I picked up an unimog cheaply at a discount store.

Removing the garbage-container on the back I built a platform on it using plasticard. I kept the container and painted it as a stand alone piece of scenery (waste not, want not).

Since the marshalls are on the road a lot I attached some bags and jerrycans to the truck. The front window was protected by plating with a slit for the driver and gunner to see through.

I cut up a flamer and stuck the forward half onto a mounting and glued this onto the plating. The front of the truck was also reinforced.

After a black undercoat I drybrushed the vehicle heavily with camo green and applied a highlight over this with a mixture of this colour and ivory.

The flamer was painted black with a highlight of grey.

For the bags I used khaki, a mud-coloured wash and then a highlight of khaki.

Finally I used gunmetal to apply battle damage and wear and finished the vehicle of with an earth-toned drybrush for mud and dust.

I wanted a uniform and organized look for the crew, but since we were playing a skirmish game the miniatures also had to have a distinct identity.

To achieve this I choose figures from different ranges of EM4-miniatures and painted them using mostly the same colours for the larger areas on the miniatures.

Distinct pieces of equipment and other such items were painted with colours that stood out and give a feel of individuality.

First of were the bareheaded trooper with assault rifle and the trooper sniper from the trooper range. These two models would be the standard rifle armed grunts of the outfit.

No need to waste any words on their organized and military look if you ask me.

I choose different shades of green to paint these two models.

The bareheaded trooper was quite straightforward, one colour for the pants and another one for his combat armour. His weapon and equipment were left black with a dark grey highlight.

A few details were painted with gunmetal.

For the sniper I used as many different shades of green as possible. It really is a nice model and one to go to town on.

A great addition to any (para)military outfit, is the male biker with assault rifle from the biker range.

He already has dogtags and a helmet and makes a great mechanic sort of guy.

Since the marshalls are patrolling the waste in their truck, this is just the addition they need.

His pants look a bit like combat pants when painted green. A white shirt and grey helmet makes him stand out.

To give him some extra character I painted a tattoo on one of his shoulders saying 'mutti' (German for 'mum'). As for the paints I used the same as on the previous two miniatures

To complete the crew of five I found two more models in the rebel range. First is the Rasta with pistol (smg in catalogue) as the leader. His long coat with chevrons fitted into the theme brilliantly.

Since the long coat covers most of the rasta model I wanted to give him some striking details to counter this monocolour look. (O of course, leaders do have to stand out a bit)

To achieve this I painted the chevrons red with gold and gave the coat a red edge. His pistol and equipment was painted as per the other models.

Since I wanted him to have dreads that looked life-like, I wetbrushed them with brown, then gave them a brush over with lighter brown. I finished this off with a drybrush of grey.

The second is the female rebel with smg and backpack. With her boots, pants with kneepads, backpack and shoulderpad she definitely fits in great with the rest of the outfit.

The female rebel was painted using the same colours of green as the previous models. Her skin was painted as the skin of the mechanic.

The weapon was painted black with dark grey highlights and metallic detailing.