Rat in a Box
by Gisby

The Rosty Barf wasn't the WORST place to eat in the 'Zone....

Sure, they CLAIMED their rats were corn-fed white 'lab-style' rats, but those who knew thought they tasted more.... 'free-range'.

But the Celebs thought it was 'cool' and helped them keep in touch with the 'little people'.

As a result, the 'Box' became popular with Corporates & Gang Wannabes.

The boundaries between 'Barf' and 'Box' franchises were often more fiercely guarded than between gang territories, and a shout of 'I wanna eat BOX' or 'I wanna BARF' could get you shot by a rival franchise fan.

This is another conversion of the Plasticville Suburban Station.

Of course, all I had was the 4 walls and the doors. (The front & back doors are actually a set of the double doors, cut in half)

I modified the walls as at right, and added a base made of sintra.

The roof is also made of sintra, and the air conditioner is made from Lego. The roof sits atop the walls' locating lugs (it was intended to be a snap-together kit) and the AC unit works as a handle.

And a big 'Hello Seeker'
to any Firesign Theater fans out there....

The awning is a section cut from a pill bottle, with supports made from pick-up-stix. It gives it the faux-classy air that appeals to the celebreties and trendoids that eat there.

The trash can is made from wire mesh, and the crawling greenery is dyed sponge.

The signs were made on my computer, and would have benefitted from being colour photocopied before use.

All in all, a nice little building: A small footprint, a flat roof for snipers, and essentially free in cost.

The food's as good at the back as it was in the front!

The Suburban Station is readily available as a new kit, but is also one of the most widely available kits avaliable as a set of broken parts on ebay, usually as part of a larger lot of buildings and parts.

Usually, the roof and platform are broken or missing, and all you get are the 4 body pieces seen here.

To use them as the basis of a stand-alone building, remove the bottom 20mm of each wall: You can use the internal locking pegs as a guide for your cuts.