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Releasing The Dove
Anti Replicant League: Scenario Four
by Thomas Todd

When night fell, the human forces were under siege. We had to bring them out.

Londonderry would be a key port in the upcoming Human-Replicant struggle.

The Replicant forces tasked with the assault were loaded into several nondescript ships. Over the course of 3 weeks, the ships quietly slid into the harbour. And waited.....

Also waiting was Captain Niamh Madison, an ARL agent working with the government military. Her callsign was 'Dove' and she would be ready when the time came.

When the replicants a disembarked to capture the harbour, she gathered what forces she could, and fought a delaying action.

Reduced to a mere remnant, the defenders secured themselves in a vital administration, until they were overwhelmed. But they had bought the time needed: Forces were on the way to halt the Replicants.

The battle might still be lost to the Humans, but the Dove had bought them a chance.

As night fell, a weak, static-distorted signal came to the ARL Communication Centre. "Dove to Cote.... ...Dove to Cote...."

There were survivors at the docks, and they were in dire straits. They were under siege, and in danger of being overrun.

Prentice,the ARL Commander despatched corporate forces by boat along the River Foyle to try to release “The Dove” and her companions back to safety.

Table Set Up

The table should be set up as an industrial/urban terrain. In the centre of the table will be a large building (marked in red on the map) in which “The Dove” and her group are holed up.

The replicants can set up anywhere in the table but not less than 20 cm from the centre building. The corporate forces will enter from the designated table edge.

Special Rules

This scenario takes place at night. Both replicants and the corporate troopers have come equipped with night vision goggles etc and so their line of sight is not affected.

The Survivors, however, are restricted to only two sets of night vision goggles which are allocated before the game begins. Those without goggles have a maximum line of sight of 15 cm.

Survivorsmust remain inside the central building until a member of the rescue team is within 15 cm of that building.

After this the Survivors can move out of the building even if none of the rescue team remain within 15 cm of the building.

Forces Available

The Survivors (these forces begin in the centre building)

Base figure:
0075 Female Rebel. SMG“The Dove” – Hero: flak jacket; Mk40 assault rifle; 3 frag grenades

Tactical Squad: 6 man squad, average quality
Flak jackets, comm units, & 1 frag grenade each.
5 with Mk 40 assault rifles
1 with assault cannon

The Rescuers

Support Squad: 5 Man squad, average quality
Comm units, combat suits, & night vision
3 with Max 40 assault rifles
1 with missile launcher & 4 he missiles
1 with recoilless rifle.

Tactical Squad: 5 man squad, average quality
Comm. Units; combat suits, & night vision
2 with Max 40 assault rifles
2 with autopistols
1 with missile launcher & 3 HE missiles

The Replicants

The number of replicants will be affected by whether or not the scenario, “Raid on Rathlin” was successful for the ARL. (If you haven't played it, roll a d6 with even odds)

If the ARL managed to destroy the Replicant facility on Rathlin then the numbers of replicants available to land in the Londonderry docklands would be reduced.

If this was the case then the replicants available are as follows:

  • 2 Mitchell Steiner 5000 class replicants with assault cannons
  • 1 Mitchell Steiner 5000 class replicant with autocannon
  • 5 Mitchell Steiner 5000 class replicants with assault rifles

If the ARL failed to destroy the replicant facility in the “Raid on Rathlin” scenario then the number of replicants landed in the docklands area of Londonderry would be significantly higher. If this is the case then the forces available are: 2 Mitchell Steiner 5000 class replicants with assault cannons

  • 2 Mitchell Steiner 5000 class replicant with autocannon
  • 8 Mitchell Steiner 5000 class replicants with assault rifles
  • NOTE: All replicants have night vision enahancements.


The objective of the human forces is to get “The Dove” out of the central building and of the bottom end of the board (the edge the rescue forces entered from).

Since losses to the corporate troops will affect the later defence of the Prentice Complex the humans should seek to keep their losses low. Players should keep a note of what humans survive as this will affect a future scenario.

The replicants are seeking to kill as many humans as possible.

The Humans are trying to rescue as many as possible, and to prove that they will protect their operatives.

If this is played as a single scenario then the victory conditions are as follows:

  • If “The Dove” is rescued with at least half of her team then the humans win.
  • If “The Dove” is rescued with less than half her team then the result is a draw.
  • If “The Dove” is killed the replicants win.