Arjen earned £45
in eM-4 credit


Stryker Security
Protecting your property as if it were our own
by Arjen Pilon

Perhaps the largest adversary of the governmental forces in my part of the 'Zone is Stryker Security.

Corporate troopers, mercenaries, call them what you like, one thing is certain: they only ever take their own side.

Light Troopers

The paramilitary models is where it all started because they're incredibly nice models for corporate security.

eM-4 Paramilitary

picture credit: Arjen Pilon

I decided I wanted a flashy, modern appearance so I went for black and sky blue.

I started with a black undercoat, followed by a drybrush with mid-grey and then a lighter grey.

Then I painted the torsos and a stripe on the pants in sky blue, which was followed by a wash with thinned down medium blue paint. I touched up the blue parts with sky blue again.

To make the scheme a little more interesting I added some white details and a company logo (a crosshair) on the chest.

After the clothing I finished the skin and details and they were done. Even though they're mostly black it doesn't look awkward.

Heavy Troopers

Because I was far from tired of my colour scheme but out of paramilitary troopers I built up ten plastic trooper models to match them.

Plastic Troopers
with Heavy Weapons arms

picture credit: Arjen Pilon

The leader of these, Kurtis Stryker himself, is a regular plastic trooper with the arms and head from the trooper leader with fatigue cap.

Four heavy weapon troopers were equiped with the metal arms made specifically for the plastic troopers.

Plastic Troopers
with Heavy Weapons arms

picture credit: Arjen Pilon

One received a chaingun, another got an assault cannon made by cutting off the end of the barrel of a machine gun.

The model with the heavy laser was made by cutting off the end of the barrel of a recoilless rifle and follows the recoilless rifle rules.

Plastic Troopers

picture credit: Arjen Pilon

I painted all troopers in the same manner as my light troopers and though I won't be able to use all my heavy weapons at once at least I have several to choose from.

I replaced the barrel of a flamer with a bit of 2mm plastic rod to make a toxigun (follows the flamer rules, or use alternative rules if you want).

The other five troopers all received spare assault rifles to make them more my own..


Of course mere humans are not enough, and Stryker Security has some of the finest tech in the zone.

So I painted some robots and sentry guns in the same scheme. The sentry guns were left unaltered but I converted the robots to make them look a bit cooler.

Plastic Mech &
0326 Sentry Gun 

picture credit: Arjen Pilon

I removed the shoulder wings from the Avenger robot and placed its arms a bit higher on the torso, with discs between the joints to broaden it.

PLastic Mech

picture credit: Arjen Pilon I also changed the right arm shotgun by cutting off the tip of the barrel and adding a rod beneath it.

The Sentinels were left without proper arms so I made my own from a bit of sprue, an assault rifle, two plastic discs and a small shoulder detail.

Even though the Battle Book doesn't allow you to field them with assault rifles the context of the rules suggests you should be able to arm them with assault rifles at a reduced price of 8 points each.

Plastic Mechs

picture credit: Arjen Pilon

In the end I'm quite pleased at how large my force has grown, though the main drawback of my choice of models is that all of them are very expensive in points.

I intend to add some more light troopers in the mix to increase my options, and maybe do some conversions on them as well.