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The Weathered Arms
Getting home in a ZIP
by Angry Hatter

I have an amazing collection of odds and ends that I keep around for making terrain.

So much so that I've dedicated an entire walk in closet to the old toys, Plasticville houses, empty packages, broken electronics, and computer parts that I see as some future uplink station or gang hideout.

Amogst this library of metal and plastic was a set of Kenner's "Building Blasters" building toys that I had bought at a thrift store about four years ago. Looking at the box I knew that they would come in handy sooner or later.

When assembled they made a square frame that I knew would make a great base upon which to construct some sort of building, and they were modular enough that I had plenty of creative leeway with that buildings structure.

I filed them away until recently when I found some old ZIP disks for sale at the local thrift store. I bought them up without really knowing exactly what to do with them, and eventually I realized that they were the perfect size to make walls for the Building Blasters structure.

I opened the disks and saved the interior bits for another project. I cut a few pieces up to show the deteriorating state of these small apartments.

I used car repair mesh for the window screens and sandwiched that with a circle of card inside. For the non windowed walls I used split peas for rivets and various small bits for electrical boxes, vents and other bits of character.

The floors are pieces of VHS tape cassettes cut to size and the hatches in the floor are the circular covers that hold the trackball inside of a computer mouse.

The ladders are also from the Building Blasters set. Neither are glued into place to allow players to enter a room and shut the door behind them.

These buildings are great as they can be made with as many stories as you like, are very stable and can be linked together with walkways to provide great multi-level action.

The broken wall sections provide great partial cover and the height provides a lot of play space with a small footprint.

Kenner's Building Blaster's can be found from time to time on Ebay and price ranges from $5 to $20 depending on the size of the set.