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Droning On and On
New Tech For Techs
by Chris Wilson

When it's too risky to send in a trooper, what can you do?

Send in a drone.....


The Michell-Steiner MWD1x mobile weapons drone is an experimental adaptation of the military drone powered an anti-magnetic projector and micro fusion drive.

Basic models are equipped with onboard CPU slaved to a wrist mounted control box, both stereoscopic and infrared cameras and ablative shielding.

Utilizing the FFT (Friend or Foe Transmitter) system common in sentry guns, drones can be loaded out with a multitude of weapons options.

Drones are machines (See Rulebook), except

  • They only gain 1d6 for initiative per group controlled by a Tech
  • Cannot make close combat attacks
  • When damaging Drones a wound roll 1 or 2 points lower than toughness results in a loss of 2AP
  • Repairing Drones is done at Difficulty 11 for each AP to be restored.
  • A basic drone has 5AP,
  • Moves 7cm per AP,
  • Does not pay for any turn manoeuvre,
  • Can increase/decrease height by 4cm for free, 5-8cm for 1AP and
  • Has toughness 7
  • Drones shoot as an Average model.

Basic Drone Cost20pts
May take 2 PistolsSee Rulebook
Must be identical, pay the cost as per rulebook. Reduces movement by 1cm. May use Opportunity Fire.
or May take Assault Rifle
or Machine Gun
See Rulebook
Reduces movement by 2cm. May use Opportunity Fire.
or May be equipped with 4
HE Missiles
Costs 3AP to launch a missile, but 2 missiles may be launched at same target for 5AP.
Both are tested for deviation separately. Reduce movement by 1cm unless empty.
Tech may buy in extra missiles at 3pts. Drone must return to Tech for reloading. To reload a Drone takes 2AP. May not use Opportunity Fire.
May take additional armour plating5pts
May be taken up to 3 times. Each time taken increase toughness by 1 but reduce move by 1cm.
May take Targeter for +1 to its Hit Roll10pts

Controlling Drones

For each Tech Skill a Tech may control 1 Drone, so a Tech with TS 1 may control 1 Drone, a Tech with TS 2 may control 2 Drones and a Tech with TS 3 may control 3 Drones.

Only 1 tech per unit may take Drones.

It costs a Tech 1AP to give each Drone a set of orders.

  • Roll 2d6 as if taking a Technology Test with a difficulty 9.
  • For each Drone over the first add +2 to the difficulty level.

Any Drone not receiving orders, including the Tech being dead will go into Opportunity Fire Mode if able. Otherwise it will remain stationary.

For 2AP a Tech may give all Drones an universal Return to Tech order.

  • This requires a Technology Test at difficulty 7, +1 for each Drone over the first.
  • Drones carrying out this order will move on a direct line towards the Tech, increasing/decreasing height to navigate buildings rather than going around and cannot receive any other orders until they are within 3cm of the Tech.
  • This order carries on from turn to turn at no cost to the Tech.

Building Your Own Drones

For this project I used 2 of the ships that I thought looked quite drone-like. A quick hunt through my parts box produced half a dozen pistols and some grenades I would have to use as I was out of missiles.

I had decided that although the missile-using Drones would look fine on the bases supplied I would need to trim down the shaft of the bases used for the Gun Drones. Ideally I should have ordered them on clear stands but the black ones worked fine

A quick base coat, undercoat and dry brush later and my drone squad was ready for action.

Terrain Pieces

The tower was made from a papier-mache hexagonal box that Id purchased from a craft shop for 1.

I cut out the ladder and cross bars, flipped over the lid and cut a slot in line with the ladder.

I base painted it in a light grey, dry brushing some silver onto the metalwork. The top outside edge was painted with the same blue I use for my troopers armour panels.

Further Ideas Because the boxes are available in various shapes and sizes and stackable Im building a set of platforms and walkways for an industrial complex ready for my next battle.