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More Plastic Scavengers
by Iver Stubdal

In a previous article I described how I converted the EM-4 plastic gangers into post-apocalyptic scavengers.

Looking to add even more variety to my scavengers, I got the idea of combining parts from the gangers and the plastic troopers.

After all, the heavy security gear used by the troopers should be highly prized in the brutal and violent world that exists after the apocalypse.

So I went to work with the plastic EM-4 figures and some extra bits from various sources, mostly weapons and heads. Here are the results.

This figure uses a trooper torso and ganger legs, both scruffed up a bit with a thin layer of putty.

He's got scratch built arms to hold an AK-47, and a head from the parts box.

This scavenger with a double barreled hunting shotgun is also made with a trooper torso and scavenger legs.

Since the trooper's armored vests are large and rigid, they look the same on both males and females, so there are more options for figure combinations.

In this case I went with bare legs and long hair to make it more apparent that she's a girl.

Another scavenger equipped for close-combat, this girl is less well-armored so she relies mostly on her pistol to keep the enemy at bay.

She also wields a sharp-looking samurai sword to deal with any opponents that manage to get close.

She's wearing a cloth mask and has the visor of her trooper helmet pulled down, to protect her face against the harsh environment.

I thought the trooper's combat rifle looked a bit like a flamethrower, so this scavenger might as well use it as one.

I cut the rifle down so it looks like it has a nozzle, then made a fuel tank for it using the plastic sprue he came on, and a few bits of wire.

He's wearing heavy work gloves, a balaclava and a ski mask to shield himself from the sizzling heat projected by his weapon

Ammo is often in short supply in the post-apocalyptic wastes, so many scavengers opt to use melee weapons for their dirty work.

This scavenger is wearing a full set of trooper armor as well as a mail coif he must have scavenged from a re-enactor or possibly a museum (his head is originally a spare from a fantasy knight)

This leaves him well protected for close-up combat, so he can put his fire axe to good use. He also carries a revolver, just in case.

This guy has scavenged a trooper issue portable radio set. It seems that someone else has also gotten hold of a set since he's busy communicating.

The handset arm was originally a combat knife arm with most of the knife cut away and curved bits of putty added to each end, then reposed.

He's got a revolver ready in case anyone is rude enough to interrupt his little chat.

This girl has a sniper rifle and is wearing a pair of trooper-issue uniform trousers. They are a bit big for her, so she has secured them around her waist with a short length of rope.

Using cheap plastic figures, some extra parts I already had and and a bit of putty and glue, I have expanded my force with a group of very unique scavengers.