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Easy Industrial Bases
by T. van der Burgt

I had a bunch of troops to base quickly but I still wanted the bases to have character.

Lots of em4 miniatures have respectable shoe sizes that will enable them to stand on the base without support of the metal bar under their feet.

You can remove this bar and make sure their soles are smooth and use this method to achieve a quick industrial base effect:

First find a suitable floor texture image (the one in the picture is an old free download which Litko used to provide on their website, but lots of suitable images can be found on the internet).

Print on a color printer.

Cut out a base shape and glue on top of the base. You might find it simpler to glue the paper in place and trim it once the glue has dried: A quick swipe of paint at the edges can blend it into the plastic base.

Random chunks of plastic can be added as rubble, etc. but I was going for speed.

You can paint your figures before or after attachment to the bases.

You can also just trim the slot bar into a pair of pegs beneath the figure's feet, and push them through slots cut into the paper, this gives a sturdier attachment.

Good patterns can be found in unexpected sources: Model railroad brickpapers are good.

Take the brick walls in the Combat Zone set and peel them apart into 2 layers. These make good base cover. (Or you could use them to cover foamcore and make more substantial walls)

For a less urban look camouflage-printed cloth could be used, or felt, in olive or tan.

The felt is thicker so the figure will sink into it slightly, and it has a bit of texture that makes it appealing: You will want to pin the figure ore leave the foot pegs, though.

Whatever cover you use, it can be a quick way of adding interest to bases.