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Woods and Jungle
by René Raap

A while ago I stumbled upon some fake bonsai trees in a euro-store. I got ten of them for less than ten euros.

They're made from real twigs with tape and fake leaves added to them. They were perfect for use as terrain. They just needed to be removed from their pots and based.

I based them on round plastic disks weighted with a washer, using a glue gun. This allows them to be placed as needed on bases representing wooded areas

After covering it with spackle, I painted the base with burnt umber, covered this with dried tea applied with watered down PVA (more on this in a bit) and a variety of green plants and tufts to really give it a natural feel.

But ten trees don't make a forest so I cut out four larger foam bases, painted them with burnt umber and applied dried tea to these as well. Finally, I flocked the edges to blend them in with my table.

To get tea leaves, just take the leaves left after brewing tea, dry them and sift them.

By making the tea the particles become lighter in colour as you can see in the pictures, with a great variation in brownish shades and size as well.

It's somewhat like a forest floor covered with lots of different leaves and an occasional twig.

These bases can be used for other areas of terrain as well.

Since the trees already seemed a bit tropical to me I decided to make some jungle. I've made jungle bases in the past, but with these the jungle was attached to the bases.

For this jungle I bought a bit more expensive fake plants, since these have some colour variation on each plant and don't shine as much. They look a little more real, to me at least.

To get that lush jungle feeling going I got a good many varieties of plants. For each jungle base I picked two to three stocks of one or two larger plants to form the centre and glued these into place with the glue gun. Then I added some smaller plants to the sides of these.

Finally the bases were painted with burnt umber, covered with dried tea and some small plants were added.