Kevin earned 45
in eM-4 credit


Two for the Price of One!
by Kevin Crowe

When I decided to build a Plasticville house, I couldn't find the garage. Easy fix: Just ruin one end of the house.

It opened it up to put miniatures inside, and would be a more interesting building, both to build, and to look at. It turned out well, I thought.

Two months later I found the garage.

Thankfully I had saved the remains of the house so I built another half ...two for the price of one and I think the two halves work better than the whole would have done.

The two halves allow for a different configurations and give the illusion of a much bigger structure.

The Plasticville shells were mounted on ceramic tile bases and augmented with wooden floors made from coffee stirrers and rafters for the attic.

I broke up some thin plaster casts and craft sticks to rubble the place up a bit: Nothing too fancy that would take up playable space.

The pieces were painted and weathered to look like... well, a ruin.

The next time you have a building do consider split basing it. It not only looks cool but it boosts the utilty factor by providing diffrent options.