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Prehistoric Zoo
Something Jurassic has escaped
by Christopher Wilson

Zombies and bugs are fun, but frankly, they are just too cuddly.

I like dinosaurs.

All tastes and budgets are catered to: Many companies make highly detailed metal miniatures.

There are plenty of scientifically accurate, pre-painted plastic figures, and any toy or dollar store will have bags of gaily coloured critters.


  • Only dinosaurs with line of sight on a target roll imitative dice.
  • All dinosaurs may only make a specified amount of attacks per turn regardless of AP.
  • Dinosaurs are either herbivores or carnivores, and the two types act slightly differently.


  • Can see up to 60cm.
  • Can hear gun shot up to 80cm (use calling rules).
  • If it gets line of sight on a human it will move directly towards them.
  • If it is shot at or when it is within 20cm of its prey it will start calling for others to assist. Responding dinosaurs will head towards the sound and will start calling when the caller becomes visible.
  • When no target is in sight a carnivore will move 3AP worth of movement per turn using the grenade scatter procedure to determine direction.


  • Can see up to 40cm
  • Can hear gun shot up to 80cm and will move away from nearest shot at a rate of 3AP.
  • Will not charge a human unless they get within 10cm or is shot at.
  • When no threat is about will move 1AP worth of movement per turn using the grenade scatter procedure to determine direction (assume they are grazing).

Quality Elite
No. of Attacks 3 (bite/bite/bite)
Attack Dice 3D8
Damage 4D8/4D8/4D8
Toughness 10
Solitary hunters and only call to others when under attack.
Cannot duck down

Quality Average
No. of Attacks 3 (bite/claw/claw)
Attack Dice 2D8
Damage 3D6/2D6+1/2D6+1
Toughness 8
Pack hunters that will use the underbrush especially well. When ducked down in underbrush they gain a +2 rather than +1.

Horned Herbivore
Quality Average
No. of Attacks 1 (gore) or 2 (stomp/stomp)
Attack Dice 3D6 or 2D6/2D6
Damage 2D8 or 2D6/2D6
Toughness 9
To make a gore attack the dinosaur must make 3 move actions (charging) prior to picking gore.

Making the Board


This was the layout for the mission I played.



These were made from 4inch by 1inch pieces of double thickness cardboard with the top layers stripped off both sides and two triangular wedges glued onto the back to make them stand up.

They were then covered in PVA to strengthen them, undercoated in a black, heavily dry-brushed in a red/gold mix then lightly dry-brushed with gold.

Storage Hut and Fuel Canisters

storage shed and fuel crate

Double thick cardboard was glued onto a small box the top layer stripped off with a 5mm edge left around the top, sides and door frame.

The corrugated layer was removed from the door cavity and a single layered cardboard was used for the roof.

dinohunters ready for action.

The edging was painted silver with the inner sections painted a blue/silver mix then lightly dry-brushed with silver.

The door was made from PVA soaked wall lining paper that was scrupled when dried. It was then pained with a brown and washed with a dark brown ink.

The canisters were wooden thread spindles painted silver with the tops and top rim painted in various colours.

Underbrush, Hill and Hedges


The underbrush was made from 5mm polystyrene cut to various shapes with the edges sanded to a curve.  

They were then painted green and had cut down aquarium plants and artificial Christmas tree branches pushed into place.

Bits of homemade clump foliage were made from the sponge from sponge scourers, soaked in PVA and green paint then left to dry.

The hill was made from two sheets of 20mm polystyrene glued together, shaped, sanded and painted green.

The hedges were made from the scourers folded in half then stapled together. They were then mounted on thin card and a coat of flock was applied.

overturned jeep

This was just a cheap plastic jeep that came with a bag of toy soldiers, sprayed and repainted.

Mission 1: Escape!!

The Corporation owning Prehistoric Zoo has had its security infiltrated by a rival. The operative has crashed a jeep into one of the carnivores compounds knocking down part of the barrier and shorting the electricity to the fences.

As a result the carnivores have breached another part of the barrier and are roaming free.

A team of scientists and guards are trying to escape but are not going to make it without the jeep which needs to be flipped upright and refueled.

For the purpose of the mission it costs 1AP to pick up/put down a fuel canister, while carrying a fuel canister a model is reduced to 3cm for movement and may not may any attacks.  

It will take 3 people 2 turns to flip the jeep upright.

To keep a random amount of dinosaurs turning up for any 1’s rolled on attack dice when shooting place a dinosaur at the bottom left corner.   These only become active on the following turn.

The team was made up from:

Security (troops)
Name Type Quality Equipment
Hero Elite Machine Gun, Autopistol, Sword, Combat Suit, Comlink
Leader Average Assault Rifle, Knife, Comlink, Combat Suit
Sub Leader Average Assault Rifle, Knife, Comlink, Combat Suit
Troopers Green Autopistol, Knife, Comlink, Combat Suit
Troopers Green Autopistol, Knife, Comlink, Combat Suit

Scientists (Gang)
Name Type Quality Equipment
Prof Ivan
A Tinkle
Leader Average Assault Rifle, Knife
Dr Robert
“Bob” Roberts
Ganger Green Auto Shotgun, Knife
Dr Frank
Ganger Green Autopistol, Knife
Intern Ilene
Ganger Green Autopistol, Knife

Further Missions

Currently I’m toying with rules for tranquiliser rounds for capture rather than kill missions as well as defend the base missions and rescue missions.

A Word on Supplies

Poundland sell a bag of 4 dinosaurs (2 carnivores, a very nice triceratops and a pterosaur) for £1.  

They also sell a bag of House Building Blocks which are flat but link on the edges that I bought to make ruined walls but come with about 10 barred sections that can be used for cages.

The aquarium plants were about £1.50 from Wilko’s.

I bought 2 types and was able to make about 20 underbrush sections from them.