René earned £25
in eM-4 credit


Trooper Command
by René Raap

I wanted a good-looking entry for a painting competition, so I started with a group of eM-4 Troopers.

0436 Trooper. Light Laser. Bareheaded The first trooper is 0436, a bareheaded laser operator.

I painted their uniforms in a selection of neutral greens, shaded with green-black, and drybrushed with highlights.

The boots are a mid dark brown, heavily drybrushed to show both dust and wear.

The laser and powerpack are black with grey highlights.

The second figure is 0013 'Trooper Sub leader.' Like the laser operator, his skin is a medium dark brown, shaded in black, with strong highlights for contrast.

The palm of his hand and his fingernails have also been painted a tan shade.

The figure has had both arms replaced: His left arm comes from 0429, and his right arm with SMG from 0434

0013 Trooper Sub leader. Bareheaded.with SMG from 0429 and arm from 0434

The central figure, upper right is 0011 'Trooper Squad Leader' with both arms replaced by arms from SFP6a Command Arms.

The joins are covered in part by resculpted shoulder pads.

eM-4 Troopers
Centre figure 0011 Trooper Squad leader. MAR. Bareheaded. Binos, with arms from SFP6a Command Arms pack.
0429 Trooper Sub Leader. SMG. Beret.Grenade with MAR from 0434 Next we have 0429 Trooper Sub Leader.

He has had his right arm replaced with the arm from model 0434, holding a MAR. His SMG was of course used on the figure to the left.

Although the greens used on the uniforms differ only slightly, careful shading and highlights make the differences stand out more, without being to harsh.

Finally, another version of 0013 'Trooper Sub leader.'

His only modification is to have his left hand and grenade replaced with the Comms Pad from SFP6a Command Arms.

The figures' bases were textured, painted, and highlighted. Then small stones, static grass, and various plants were added.

Now I need some Troopers to go with them!

0013 Trooper Sub leader. Bareheaded. Handgun with data pad from SFP6a Command Arm set