Fantasy Warriors Rules
Ref: FW01

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Fantasy Warriors rules

Fantasy Warriors Rules
 Ref: FW01
You can download the original, English
edition of the Fantasy Warriors rules here
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Designed by Nick Lund,Fantasy Warriors was first produced and published in 1990 by Grenadier Models UK. Uniquely at that time, it was simultaneusly published in six languages.

A comprehensive set of rules for mass fantasy battles, it has many original features: FW has retained its ardent followers to this day and attracted a steady stream of new adherents.

Now we are making the original English edition available as a free download. This download was scanned from the original, 1980s paste-ups, not just from a printed copy of the rules. For the first time, Fantasy Warriors is offered as a download with the full support and encouragement of its author Nick Lund.

So now you can discover what has made this game so popular and so long-lived, despite not being supported (or, indeed printed) for well over a decade.

Plastic Fantasy Warrior miniatures

Fantasy Warriors was originally released with 2 armies of plastic miniatures: Dwarves and Orcs. These miniatures are again available, as singles, or in 50-figure Army Builder packs.

Suitable for use with any fantasy game!

Metal Fantasy Warriors

Of course there are more figures available for Fantasy Warrior....

The Barbarians and Halflings are classic ranges, and have been the most requested for re-release.





The Orc and Dwarf sets have been big on ebay.... Now available again at prices you can afford!

Elfsera Fantasy Characters - Prepainted

We also have a wide selection of prepainted metal Fantasy Adventurers, creatures, and monsters available, ready for play straight from the box.

All you need to do is fix them to their bases and you're ready to game.

5 colour-coded D20 are included in each set!

Fantasy/Medieval Inn
Ref: Inn

Fully painted and assembled; ready to use out of the box.

Two sets of opening doors (the entrance to the yard and rear main entrance to the main building).

Removable roof on main building and stable enabling interior placement of figures.

A fantastic centrepiece for wargames or role-playing games.

28mm scale. Dimensions - 19cm x 26.5cmm (including courtyard and overhang of balcony). Height 15.5cm to pitch of roof.