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Our Glorious Leader: Doug Cowie

Doug has been involved in gaming, and the gaming industry for many years now (he refuses to admit how many).

Suffice it to say, his name is one of those on the old 'Kill Zone' rules, so he can claim a long history of Near Future gaming.

Doug presently resides in Hereford, although he spends most of his time gadding about in the eM-4 corporate jet, travelling between company offices in the UK and the Far East.

He lives an otherwise simple, spiritual lifestyle, subsisting entirely upon a diet of cherubim and seraphim.

He also knows why he should have given me a bio....

Our Editor: Gisby

Born in 1955, living in Winnipeg, Canada

Aside from the CoZoChron, I also Maintain 'The Mexican Adventure', a website devoted to gaming the Maximilian Adventure in Mexico, and 'Kill Zone', devoted to (the late) Grenadier Miniatures' Future Skirmish rules.

I am webmaster for Renegade Miniatures, and have done work for em-4, Copplestone Castings, Foundry, etc. etc. (I am always looking for more clients) I have sculpted for a half-dozen companies whose reputations would suffer if I mentioned them.

I moderate a dozen or so yahoo groups, most notably ColonialWars, with 2000+ members.

I am also known as Dragoman, and I work to bring sculptors and companies together. (I'm also always looking for talented, reliable sculptors.)

And I collect & paint miniatures.

Daniel Buckley

Age: 27 (January 1980)

Between work and a growing family, making hobby time is hard. I usually squeeze in time to build terrain pieces, which don't often get used. I've been eyeing the CZC's for about a year, before joining the group and making my first submission.

I've been drawn back into wargaming with Combat Zone and the community that is available. I have tons of projects in the works, but making the time to complete them is the real challenge. Everything I finish, I hope to submit to CZC. I currently live in the state of Michigan, USA, with my wife and three children (5, 3, and 1).

Derek Hendrie
Dr Derek Hendrie, aged 38, living in Lincoln in the UK, happily hitched with one daughter.

I've been gaming since I was 14 (1982), when I discovered the red boxed set of Dungeons and Dragons. Still into both wargaming and RPGs, but I also love to paint and convert minis and scratchbuild terrain and scenery as well. I love playing a wide variety of game systems - I tend to get into anything with minis that catch my eye!

My other interests are rather outdoorsy - cycling, hiking, winter walking and backpacking - so gaming makes a nice change, as I tend not to get worn out, cold, wet or scared stiff when I'm playing Combat Zone!

As for my job, I've either come to or lost my senses, as I currently teach IT to 11-16 year olds. This gives me an endless supply of gaming opponents, most of whom cheat like crazy...

Robin Hill
Born 1954. Home base: Brigg, N. Lincolnshire. Aerospace Engineer, working for BAE SYSTEMS on Hawk primary fast jet trainer avionics.

Interests: SF films & TV (especially bad SF films and TV), role-play gaming as player and games-master (Star Trek/Wars, ShadowPunk, Vampire: The Masquerade, D&D in its many forms, Brave New World), small unit combat games as player and rules wrangler (Combat Zone/Kill Zone, Necromunda, etc.).

Modeller - figures (from 15mm to large scale vinyls), scratch-built scenery and vehicles (including radio-controlled models). I have also made masters for Gripping Beast (carts, furniture, Roman ballista), Monolith (SF bunker system, flying saucer, tripod war machine, laboratory machinery, graveyard items) and around 80% of the Ainsty (now Old Crow) products. Currently working on some Star Wars machinery for my own collection of scenery.

Draw and paint artwork for RPG and modelling projects, collector of role-play books, to read and play. Collector of miniatures - one day I hope to be able to paint a few of them.

Married to Penny, another RPG player.

Alan McFadzean
I'm based in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. I'm a shocking 48 years old (How did that happen?), have been gaming (i.e. using dice to decide what my toy soldiers do) for at least 36 of those and still haven't found my ideal rules set for any period.

My real interests in life are sleeping and trying to find a lucrative alternative to work, but in game terms, I prefer low-level skirmish type games.

I am a confirmed plastic figure addict. I don't know why, but I just love plastic figures. (Probably because I'm a cheap-skate at heart.) Having said that I seem to have acquired all sorts of armies in 2mm , 6mm, 10mm, 15mm, 20mm and 25/28mm covering everything from Ancients through Renaissance, 18th Century, Napoleonic, ACW, Colonial, WWI, WWII, Modern, Fantasy and Sci-Fi, including naval forces for Ancients, Napoleonic, Colonial powers and even a couple of space fleets.

I am an average painter, getting lazier with age, but have noticed that most of my stuff actually looks better in a photograph than in real life.

Piotr Mikians aka Demi Morgana

I'm 25 years old and live in Poland.

I like painting, gaming miniatures...

Robert Provan

Age 37, married, with two sons, Tom (13 - a wargamer!) and Rowan (11).

I live in the Manawatu region of New Zealand after leaving the crush of Auckland city 4 years ago. During the day I earn my crust as an Avionics Technician, a trade that seems over represented among the submitters to CZ.

I came to gaming in 1981, with RPGs, 40K, Full Thrust... I discovered CZ in 2005, when I finally admitted how fed up I was with GW!

I am an active model maker producing 28mm scenery, and scratchbuilding miniature spaceships and 1/300 planes, it can be said with a lot of truth that I wargame to make models rather than the other way around.

Since October I have been running a Saturday afternoon wargames club in my garage, initially for my son and his friends but itís growing and has about a dozen members now (Jan 08).

Jake Rose

Age: 37 (but at times feel closer to 65)

Location: Near Savannah/Ft Stewart, Georgia, USA

Interests: Wargaming (historical, Sci Fi, have various armies for various periods in 6, 15, and 28mm), Motorcycles, Paintball, and the REAL time killer: Family!

I am married (going on 15 years) and have two teenaged boys and a 4 year old daughter.

Danny Stevenson
I am currently a massive 35 years old and I live in Liverpool England with my wife and seven cats (I will be mad old cat man! Children will run past my house! Evil cackle!)

Also known as maddan or mattblackgod on various forums. I work as an avionics engineer.

My Hobbies and interests are Motorbikes, wargames, model/terrain building, mini painting, heavymetal/hard rock music, post apocalyptic literature/movies, Sci-Fi, the celts, Goths, History, warfare, writing and things that go bump in the night. .

Craig Thomson
34 years old, living in Bristol, I'm a Tech support for an Electroncis components distributor

Gaming history: Played AD&D/Traveller/Car Wars/Mechs/Twilight 2000/Warhammer/Warhammer 40K/CyberPunkCall of Cthulhu and as a kid, then later moved to 28mm modern day skirmish and Delta Green (the X-Files type Call of Cthulhu). Moved into near future about 12 months ago. Like writing rules/add ons to expand existing rules/scenarios.

Hobbies out side of gaming: Like most people work and family keep me busy but I normally manage time to train for Judo twice a week (I'm half a dozen competetive fights away from my black belt). Im inteersted in Politics and criminology (I'm currently studying with the Open University for a degree in Social Science with Social Policy and Politics.....lots of reading :-( and when I get time I enjoy playing Ghost Recon/Splinter Cell on the XBOX360.