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Spacelords 2015 - So Far March 2015
Finally, an up-to-date list

Spacelords - Adventurers June 2014
More Spacelords

28mm Plastic ACW Infantry June 2014
build armies fast!

More Phagon Battle Clones June 2014
and about time

Picture That! September 2012
How to take pictures for CoZoChron

The Arena May 2011

Playing With EVEN MORE Plastic Orcs - Page 1 September 2009
More Morkor Less

Playing With EVEN MORE Plastic Orcs - Page 2 September 2009
Mork Mork Mork

Fantasy Warrior Rules FREE Download September 2009
Because I Like 'Em

A Phagon Gallery September 2009
They WERE worth the wait. Get you some.

Phagon Beastmen June 2009
Not a moment too soon

Playing With More Plastic Orcs April 2009
Ore Morcs for Less!

Playing With Plastic Orcs March 2008
More Orcs for Less!

Old West Heroes 2 - Shootout December 2007
Figures, Rules, and All!

Ludus Gladiatorius 2 June 2007
New gladiators, new rules, more fun!

The Barbarians: Cavalry March 2007
Now Available Heroic Warriors from the North

Dunwich Detectives 2 February 2007
Now Available More adventurers & monsters. Still no Phagons...

eM-4 News: Coming Soon! November 2006
Now Available Great stuff! Where are the Phagons?

Dunwich Detectives November 2006
Now Available 1920's & 1930's Horror, Gangster, or Pulp miniatures

Prepainted Recce Team: SWAT Version 2 April 2006
Now Available Now they're collectible!

Prepainted Near Future Mercenaries April 2006
Now Avaliable I've been waiting for these...

Prepainted Gangers Version 2 April 2006
Now Avaliable Now they're collectible!

Spacelords First Release April 2006
About time, too. Where are the Phagons?

Metal Conversion Arms Available Separately April 2006
Doug gives in to public demand

A Medieval Inn for Combat Zone? September 2005
A prepainted, ready-to-use game centrepiece

Ludus Gladiatorius June 2005
A complete play-from-the-box Gladiatorial game

We have more figures in the works June 2005

New arms for em-4's plastic miniatures

Rockers and Dunwich Detectives now available

Old West Heroes 2 - Shootout Ref: OWH 2

 5 painted, pewter 28mm miniatures, a complete Western skirmish game from Nick Lund, and a Western town plan for you to print out and play on. (Rules and town plan are provided on a CD for immediate printout.)

Miniatures included are: Buffalo Hunter; Mountain Man; Soiled Dove; Farmer; Sheriff.

Price (incl VAT):  15.00

Ludus Gladiatorius 2 -  Ref: Glad2 
 A complete game in it's own right, totally compatible with Ludus Gladiatorius 1.

 Everything you need is supplied, including prepainted gladiators, a playsheet, colour-coded dice, even a pouch to randomly pick counters from..

5 New Gladiators - Retiarius; Amazon; Bestiarius; Criminal; Lion. 

Price (incl VAT):  15.00

Prepainted Mercenaries Set