Unofficial rules for vehicles, aliens, monsters, and the like, plus any official rules amendments.

Survival Campaign Rules April 2014
Like it says

Weather in Combat Zone July 2013
Rainy-day fun for all

On The Grid November 2012
Hep Cats like Squares

Using Em4 Pawns To Play Little Wars September 2012Send in the Pawns

Droning On and On May 2012
Send in the drones

Prehistoric Zoo April 2012
Cuddlier than Zombies

More Car Wrecks October 2011
Loot 'em for fun

Civilians in Combat Zone September 2011
Bullets only make them angry

Nightmare Class Replicants PDF March 2011
When Terminators aren't enough

Post Apocalyptic Combat Zone PF October 2009
More rules for a time of anarchy

Solo CoZo - Solo Rules for Combat Zone PF January 2009
When your friends can't be your enemies

Battlesuits in the Combat Zone PF October 2008
Tanks again!

The Power of Armour PF October 2008
Tanks, but no tanks

Feuille de référence en français PDF Août 2008
A Quick Reference Sheet in French

Zombies in the Zone PF November 2007
How do you stop those who have no life?

BUGS! PF May 2007
Giant ones, that is...

Gogos in Combat Zone PF March 2007
NOT just what the doctor ordered...

More Weapons & Equipment PF February 2007
Keep your head down!

Putting the Bite on the Sub Gangs PF October 2006
Land shark!

Psionics in Combat Zone PF October 2006
Not just mind games

Fantasy Combat Zone PF September 2006
More underground adventures

Cybernetic Enhancements in Combat Zone PF September 2006
We have the technology...

What’s That Smell? PF September 2006
Rules for Scavengers

What’s That Noise? PF September 2006
Rules for Sewers and Tunnel systems

Clicky Heroes in Combat Zone PF July 2006
On our way to IP Prison...

Vehicles in Combat Zone Redux PF July 2006
Another view of an old favourite

Tales From the Crypt PF June 2006
Hunting the Hunters...

Card Initiative Rules for Combat Zone PF May 2006
A different way to deal with initiative.

Share the Love PF April 2006
Come get a hug...

New Weapons For Combat Zone PF April 2006

Bark at the Moon PF September 2005
Your neighbor wants steak

Automatons in Combat Zone PF September 2005
'We, Robot'

Let Slip the Dogs of War PF September 2005
Your dog wants steak

Zombies in Combat Zone PF June 2005
Automatic Opponents for Co-Operative or Solo Combat

Officers and Snipers for Combat Zone PF June 2005
Not all officers are the same

Frequently Asked Questions PF June 2005
The Author speaks

Space Rangers in Combat Zone PF March 2003

New Weapons and Skills PF July 2002

Replicants in Combat Zone PF July 2002

Vehicles in Combat Zone PF November 2001

Combat Zone Battle Book PF November 2001

Aliens in Combat Zone PF August 2001

The Dead. Photo credit - Pappa Midnight

Prepainted Metal SWAT Team

Plastic Gangers converted to Troopers

The Scouts deploy

Plastic Trooper with metal heavy weapon arms - Walls are CoZo walls stripped from cardboard and applied to black foamcore