Game scenarios, both straightforward and devious

Prehistoric Zoo April 2012
Cuddlier than Zombies

Raid on Lildebbi May 2011
Scarier than zombies

Nightmare Class Replicants PDF March 2011
When Terminators aren't enough

Releasing the Dove PDF October 2010
ARL Scenario four

The Combat Zone Slasher PDF October 2010
We're ba-ack

Raid on the Crate Factory PDF November 2009
A scenario for 2-4 players

Flight to Safety PDF September 2009
Anti-Replicant League: Scenario Three

I Thought I Saw a Zombie Head PDF March 2009
They rise again to plague the living

Cut & Run PDF February 2009
The Ravens are in trouble again

O.R.C. PF November 2008
An idea whose time has come

Claim the Prize PF October 2008
More Mulitplayer Mayhem

Break out from Zombie Town PF September 2008
If you thought Yonkers was bad before....

Shutting the Door on the West PF August 2008
Anti-Replicant League Scenario 2

Raid on Rathlin PF July 2008
An Anti-Replicant League Scenario

The Rescue of Mayor John - Battle Report PF May 2008
Another mission gone wrong

The Rescue of Mayor John PF May 2008
Can you do better?

The Running Man PF April 2008
Not just Terminators any more

The Road Through the Woods March 2008
A mission gone wrong

Incident in Sierra City February 2008
A multi-player demo game

Zombies in the Zone PF November 2007
How do you stop those who have no life?

Genepeace on the GO PF October 2007
Stop Zombie Research Now!

Get That Crate! PF July 2007
We're not afraid to tackle tough questions...

The Old Bank PF June 2007
Scavs Vs. Cops

Derilict PF November 2006
Battles in some sort of... Hulk in Space

Operation 'Larry' PF October 2006
A Bigfoot hunt

A Punitive Mission In The Combat Zone September 2006
A destructive mission to avenge a Mission's destruction

When Vultures Circle PF June 2006
The question is, where will they land?

Raid on Rumbo PF June 2006
He was sick of zombies and monsters, but what could one man do?

The Damnettia Incident PF May 2006
Kill the Humanoids. Stop the Intruders.

Another Day in The Zone PF April 2006
Low Level Mayhem in the Combat Zone

Share the Love PF April 2006
Come get a hug...

Welcome to Club Land PF January 2006
Party. Party. Party.

Warehouse Number Two PF January 2006
Can you save little Jasmine?

Loose Metal 2005 September 2005
A game report from Denmark

Bloodlust Fever June 2005
Artificial zombies run amok

Solo Search & Sweep PF March 2003

Night of the Living Dead March 2003
Zombies terrorise the night

Rescue Red July 2002

Junkyard War July 2002

The Catching of the Storm July 2002

The President's Plane is Missing July 2002

Sacrifice for the Lambs July 2002

Clash in the Combat Zone November 2001

One of Our Aliens is Missing PF August 2001

The road Through the Woods

Photo credit: Doug Cowie

Photo credit: Gisby

The Law

The Thin Blue Line

Converted Grenadier