Terrain-making tips, accessories, and examples of others' work

Olsen Parking Garage October 2020
Good things from the Bargain Shop

Taco Dump August 2017
Dumpy sez: Eat Yer Beans!

Econ-Urban Terrain May 2013
Urban destruction on a budget

The Weathered Arms April 2013
If you lived here you'd be dead by now

Woods and Jungle March 2013
Going Green

Two for the Price of One! January 2012
Double your fun

More Car Wrecks October 2011
Loot 'em for fun

The Auto Body Shop PDF June 2011
A Plasticville conversion

Building fences for Combat Zone PDF May 2011
Something to stand behind...

False Front Buildings PDF April 2011
Cool scenery on the cheap.

Quick Scenery PDFFebruary 2011
Something to stand in front of...

Cheap and Easy Futuristic Barrels PDFFebruary 2011
Something to hide behind

The Forlorn Hope PDF January 2011
More Road Marshalls

Product Placement PDF December 2010
Not that WE do it....

Combat Zone Scenery PDF October 2010
Fill that table!

KDIL: The BIG One PDF November 2009
Turn a gamer into a legend

Rat in a Box October 2009
We Fry What You Won't Touch!

The Statue PDF October 2009
Turn a figure into a legend

Plasticville Blues PDF September 2009
Other sources for buildings & parts

A CoZo Runabout PDF September 2009
A toy car makes good

Elasticville 5 and 10 PDF August 2009
Art imitates life again....

The Bus Stops Here PDF July 2009
Not a moment too soon, too

Karl's Klassy Kids PDF May 2009
Buy 'em by the pound

Little Dutch Boy Bar PDF April 2009
Yes they are. No, you can't watch....

Don�t Mess With the Major PDF April 2009
Still No Tanks, but getting closer

Laying Pavement PDF February 2009
Sexier than it sounds

Armoured Car January 2009
Still No Tanks!

Faster Plaster Caster Car Wrecks October 2008
Copy your favourite car model... and smash it!

City Terrain February 2008
More Matakishi-inspired buildings

Some Buildings February 2008
Matakishi-inspired buildings

Sprue Madness January 2008
The best part of some kits

It's a Jungle Out There October 2007
Oh My!

WPLA TV September 2007
All Zombies. All The Time....

Barricades for Combat Zone May 2007
Cheap & easy

My Road Warriors 3 April 2007
You can run, but you can't hide

St. Savior's Church April 2007
Gisby is soooooo jealous

Putty Rubbish March 2007
So it won't go to waste

My Road Warriors 2 March 2007
Hit the Road...

The Peterson Building January 2007
Cool name, Cool building...

The Victoria Pipeline January 2007
Not long to make, too long to photograph.

The Tivo PDF December 2006
A revolution in entertainment

Keeping It Cool December 2006
Pete Garnham returns!

Going Postal December 2006
Neither sleet nor snow, nor hail of lead...

The Roche Motel December 2006
You can check in...

What a Wreck December 2006
Broken toys are still cool

Corporate Housing November 2006
Cheap and boring. Art imitates life again.

Ruskin Arms November 2006
A convenient local weapons shop.

The Oracles November 2006
Two Oracles. Two signs. No waiting.

The Olsign PDF November 2006
Two girls. Three words: 'Play - War - Games'

A Plasticville Pair November 2006
Art imitates life...

The Supermarket I November 2006
Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms...

REX Auto Parts October 2006
Broken toys for a Breaker's Yard

El Gato Negro October 2006
Buy food & get bad gas...

The Try-N-Save October 2006
Buy food & get gas...

GW Cheese Shop October 2006
Like an Orgasm in your mouth...

Circular Gang Huts September 2006
The Pringles strike again.

Stupid Club August 2006
A building gets a facelift.

Aleksandr's Fruit Stand August 2006
At least it has an Olsen Twins poster.

Area 69 August 2006
I don't think I can take 68 more...

Le Cafe Parisien August 2006
Old World Gallic charms and a box to keep 'em in

A Plasticville Car August 2006
or you could throw it away...

Our Lady of Perpetual Motion Taxpayer's Hospital August 2006
St. Cassandra's. Bring your IRS forms.

Big Tire Blowout August 2006
Worst. Slogan. EVER.

Storage Facility 108 July 2006
Pringles Tube Terrain part 2

Chemical Storage Tower Lambda 10 July 2006
Pringles Tube Terrain part 1

Tommy's Warehouse July 2006
Recycle things: Make a project

The Park n' Blow July 2006
Go Park U Self!

Big Cans July 2006
Recycle your projects

The House of Bad Pies July 2006
Where it's 'Tuesday's Special' every day...

Greenery in Combat Zone July 2006
Leaves of three, let it be. Leaves of four, eat some more...

The GW Cheese Factory July 2006
What doesn't make you sick only makes you dumber...

Tornado Town July 2006
If you lived here, you'd be home by now....

How to Hang A Door July 2006
On a Wargame Building

The Frosty Bar July 2006
When you have a Jones for The Bones

The Lewis Institute July 2006
A home for Supernatural Studies

The Nuclear Arms July 2006
A 50's-styled apartment building

Spider Mines June 2006
Friendly Neighborhood Spider Mines

A Fuel Tank for Combat Zone II May 2006
Expanding on a theme

The Headquarters May 2006
A Building for Combat Zone

Concrete Walls From Photoshop April 2006
A step-by step tutorial

Getting Into the Combat Zone April 2006
Terrain & Miniatures by Michael Crossman

A Fuel Tank for Combat Zone April 2006
Terrain how-to by Piotr Mikians of Poland

A Medieval Inn for Combat Zone? September 2005
A prepainted, ready-to-use game centrepiece

SALUTE 2005 June 2005
A demo by the Portbury Knights

Scale Matters June 2005
What scale of vehicle looks good?

Easy accessories from the craft store I

Terrain: Out of the Box

Doug's Terrain

Photo credit: Kevin Crowe

Photo credit: Gisby

Photo credit: Arjen Pilon

Photo credit: Gisby

Photo credit: Gisby

Photo credit: Gisby

Photo credit: Gisby

Photo credit: Piotr Mikians

Photo credit: Pete Garnham