Plastic Miniatures for Combat Zone

I never really gave the plastic figures a chance.

They seemed too static and I there was little variety in the weapons. Since I already had hundreds of figures, I didn't need to work with them.

As it turned out, I really enjoyed doing so, and was pleased by how easily you can make individuals for your squads. They were far easier to work with than metal figures, and they are gosh-darn cheap, so I didn't need to worry about making mistakes!

NOTE: The figures are made from ABS plastic, so model cement will not work: Use cyano adhesives to construct them.
I started simply, merely turning a figures's head so he was looking in the direction his weapon was pointing. With the weapon lowered, he is in a 'ready' or 'on guard' position, or is hosing an area with auto-fire.
If you raise the arms, he is now aiming his weapon, or waiting in an 'overwatch' pose.
I wanted a more dynamic pose, so I cut away the back of his knee and bent the leg, putting him in a running pose.
I did the same to both legs on this figure, also turning his head so he could aim his weapon.
What was missing is some variety to the weapons. At least the Gangers had a shotgun. This was easily remedied, I just used a set of Ganger arms on a trooper to make a shotgun-armed trooper.
Now I needed an assault cannon. I cut down the standard weapon and added a heavy barrel and magazine.
I used the same procedure to make a flamer: I added the cone at the front from putty over a wire barrel, and the hose is a lead javelin. I used the large square radio/pack as the fuel container.

A length of sprue with a few details added made this grenade launcher. It didn't need to be longer, as the weapon would not rely on the tube for it's aim: It would be a wire or self-guided projectile.
I reserved the closed visors for Police Riot Squad troopers. I cut down the pistol and added a new barrel to make a gas grenade launcher for riot control. I puttied over the pack mounting hole on the back.
Of course we need the 'front line' of Riot Control. I removed the weapon from the standard weapon arms, and added stun rods made from wire, and clear plastic riot shields.
To cover the joint between the hand and the shield, I added bands marked 'police' printed on my computer.

A word to the wise: Add the clear shields AFTER clear coating your figures!

Although the females benefit from having their hair ground off and new hair made from putty, I gave this figure a skirt and beret but otherwise changed little.
The 'arms akimbo' were used for this figure, with a new pistol added. The head was turned to look along the aiming line of the pistol, and the hair was redone into a more "Cleopatra' cut. I feel it's a far more dynamic pose than before.
I used the 'weaver grip' pistol hands with the pistol removed, and added a katana made from flattened wire. Again, I turned the head. Raising the arms makes a very dramatic pose, but she would have looked good with the sword pointing down, too.
I used the 'weaver grip' pistol hands with the pistol removed and the arms cut apart. I added the sword from flattened wire, and a crude shield made from plastic card.

For my inspiration, just read the NEWS!