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Wolf's Militia
or 'The Fashionable Cops'
by René Raap

Mayor John was a weakling and above all, a drab, drab man. Such a weakling didn't deserve to hold power.

Some of you might have read about the adventures of Mayor John and Colonel Wolf.

Now that Wolf had taken over he could show the people what he was made of. He chose to re-dress his Police in grey. Nobody ever said cops need to look dull.

Like Wolf they are smartly dressed in a grey uniform with gold details and striking accents. But since they are mere henchmen, Wolf didn't feel they deserved to wear red. Wearing red was his prerogative. *insert evil laughter*

I felt that Wolf, being somewhat of an evil dictatorial type, deserved his own police force (see: Like him they would be wearing grey.

I feel that there's something menacing about police wearing this shade of grey. Add striking accents and they become even more frightening (ever noticed must dictatorial regimes tend to use lavish colours for their troops?) But red wasn't an option, because Wolf needs to stand out whilst leading his men.

Prussian Blue is a nice, striking colour and by using blue the miniatures would get a little bit of the police feeling back.

After a black undercoat I painted the uniforms grey, the holsters, lining on the back and the insides of the jackets were painted blue.

I then applied a black wash to the recesses of these areas. I tidied this up and highlighted the grey and blue areas adding white to both the grey and the blue to add some coolness to the colours.

To make the blue pop out even more I gave them a white shirt.

Badges are gold, with a brown wash and gold highlights.

Weapons and ties were left black with a highlight of grey. Boots, belts and shades and were given a coat of gloss varnish.

Then Wolf kicked them out, they needed to get walking the beat and enforce the law. Wolf 's law!